Welcome to Parsglas

Since 1986, a proud iranian company, Parsglas has experiance in supply of acrylic sheets, fabrication of acrylic products and providing a cut-to-size service.

We strive to provide on-time costumer service in a friendly way at competitive prices.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to accomplish this while maintaining the highest level of integrity in all aspects of our business.

In striving to be a brand respected for its reliability and integrity in our industry, we are determined to achieve a level of satisfaction among our costumers, our employees and our suppliers that is unsurpassed.

Brief Description

In 1986, Parsglas has been designing and producing various kinds of stands such as counter/floor stands, display stands, home and office furniture and accessories, highly precise acrylic components for individual, exhibitional and industrial purposes.

Our Aims

Our staffs are technically trained and competent in giving advice on the appropriate material for your particular requirements.

we at Parsglas offer a wide range of services, provide a broad selection of products and utilize the latest in state-of-the-art technology for the best possible result in the finished product.


We encourage you to challenge us with any of your design, manufacturing and fabrication needs.

Parsglas is able to manufacture almost any original designe you come up with. If you have a unique proposal you wish to have made into a product, contact us and we will bw happy to discuss your option with you.

The unique mix of world-class manufacturing capabilities, an extensive knowledge of acrylics, and an aptitude for design, make parsglas an ideal partner in the custom design and manufacture of acrylic products.